25K-50K,美企 Focus Solutions 2019 全新招聘

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一早一晚的朋友们,大家好!我叫潘旻琦,与同事一起为美企 Focus Solutions 远程工作,负责核心产品 CBA 的下一代新版本开发。我们的同事遍布三个国家及中国的六个省市。2018 年有一位新同事成功入职,2019 年我们又开始全新的招聘啦!诚聘 C# + React 方向高级工程师一名,月薪 CN¥ 25K-50K。工作地点不限,但需偶尔赴美及国内出差,可年后入职。如有移民意愿,公司亦可协助办理 H1B 签证,并已有成功案例可查。由于去年发帖后收到的简历太多,竟致无力一一研究,对不起大家了!今年我们改进了招聘流程,请用英文完成下面的一份开卷的笔试题,然后在投递简历时附上您的答案,谢谢!以下为职位描述、笔试题及投递方式,期待与您携手一起攻克技术难关!

Focus Solutions, an U.S.-based software company, is looking for a senior engineer to help craft our next generation of CBA, the trucking industry's leading insurance management service. With CBA we provide online collaborations among insurance providers, transportation companies and individual truck owners, minimizing transaction costs while maximizing coverage compliances. As land transportation of large quantities of raw materials, works in process, and finished goods are crucial to almost every industrial product, imagine how much time and money the world would save thanks to your contributions.

Famous companies like FedEx are among our clients and our software generates bills of more than $500 million of premiums each year. In this team, you will play a crucial role in our company's future success. Your contributions to our next-generation software will make or break our goal to push the industry forward. Moreover, you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home. Work from anywhere in China or anywhere in the world, you name it!


  • Become intimately familiar with the existing codebase; rethink, redesign, and rebuild the existing software to take it to a higher level
  • Work with the business team to define and prioritize projects; design technical solutions to smartly solve real-world business problems


  • You have at least 5 years of software development experience
  • You have maintained a software project with a large code base
  • You are comfortable learning a new programming language
  • You are self-motivated and focused when working alone
  • You have excellent English communication skills

Preferred Qualifications:

  • You are good at C# and JavaScript, especially of React and latest ECMAScript standards
  • You have strong SQL and relational database knowledge
  • You have knowledge of testing principles and write tests to improve the design and quality of code

When applying for this position, please finish a quiz. The quiz is designed to assess your technical strengths and problem-solving skills. It contains 3 problems. Feel free to consult the Internet and/or any books that you need. You can find the quiz here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mwzfe8n28KjpfIzE4E2oe6YryJX9w9EJ/view?usp=sharing

Please send your answers along with your resume to this mailbox: minqi.pan@focussi.com

Thank you very much!